Why the UK should vote to Remain in the EU on June 23rd

Tom passionately believes the interests of the UK are best served by voting to remain in the European Union on June 23. Europe has protected, enhanced and extended the rights of working people in the UK for decades. 

The EU has guaranteed a minimum amount of paid holiday; enshrined paternity leave and maternity leave in law; gave part-time agency workers the same rights as their full-time colleagues and ensured that no one working seven days straight should have to work an eighth day without at least 24 hours rest. 

Europe passed legislation which gives workers a 20-minute break for every six hours of work.

There is no guarantee that those protections will remain in place if the “Leave” campaigners win the argument and the UK votes to leave the EU.

That's why every major trade union is campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU.

These rights matter if you're pregnant, or working part-time, or a parent, or the company you worked for has been privatised.

They are rights that could be lost if we vote to leave the EU.

And we'd also lose our place as part of the world’s most powerful trading block.

It woudl be harder for British companies to access the world’s largest single market of over 350mn people.

There is only one way to prevent that happening – vote “remain” on June 23rd.

We have achieved a huge amount by working with our European allies and pushing for progressive reform of the European Union.

We will achieve a lot more if we continue to do that.

But we can only do that by leading - not leaving.