Vital That Facebook Comes Clean About Russian Propaganda

The Electoral Commission has today announced it is in talks with Facebook about whether Russian-funded propaganda adverts broke electoral rules during the EU referendum.

In a statement, the Commission said: "Any receipt of impermissible donations by registered campaigners or political parties campaigning at the EU referendum, either from the UK or overseas, would be a serious breach of the law, and anyone who believes they have evidence of this should provide it to the Commission and the police."
It is good to see the Commission being, as it says, "a pro-active regulator" - particularly when there are worrying and legitimate concerns about attempts to influence the views and votes of 32 million UK users of Facebook.


My colleague Shadow Digital Minister Liam Byrne says: "It's absolutely vital that social media giants come clean about foreign nations meddling in our debates.
So it's now time for the Electoral Commission to demand full disclosure from them and demand it now." Liam is absolutely right.
We all know what happened with Donald's Trump election in the US. Here in the UK we also need to be aware that political propaganda launched via cyberattack can threaten the very basis of our democracy.
And the likes of Facebook and Twitter have a moral AND legal duty to ensure it does not.