Tom Watson: on your side in West Bromwich East since 2001

After 16 years of being your MP for West Bromwich East, I've helped thousands of local people. I love it here, and I love our people. It's an honour to stand to be your voice in Parliament again.

On Thursday June 8 you will have a clear choice between a Conservative government that has cut police numbers in Sandwell and slashed support for schools and hospitals. Or a Labour MP, who has always stood up for local people.


Since first being elected in 2001, I have listened to local residents at coffee mornings, community meetings and regular surgeries.

I’ve campaigned for the development of West Bromwich town centre with new shops, restaurants and the cinema.

I successfully argued for the leisure centres in West Bromwich and Wednesbury, and helped secure funding for the new Sandwell College.

I've campaigned to save our Meals on Wheels service - so valued by our older residents - In Parliament, I have spoken out against Tory police cuts, and demanded government ministers keep their promise to provide the extra funding that our NHS so badly needs.

And I've spoken out against injustice - be it the paedophiles who evaded the police or the criminal phone hackers in the media.

Now more than ever, you need a Labour MP standing up for you. 

I'll be campaigning all across our constituency from now until the election. If you'd like to be kept up-to-date on my campaign, sign-up here. If you'd like to show your support by getting involved in my campaign, then you can sign up here