Speeding Motorbikes Campaign Meeting

During the summer I arranged a public meeting with the police and council to discuss all the problems that residents have been experiencing with off-road bikes and speeding cars. This meeting was well attended by local residents demanding that action be taken. 
The police and council committed to step up efforts to sort this out and now it’s time for them to report back to us.
Many residents have raised concerns that there is still a big problem in our area with bikes and cars. Residents are particularly worried about large groups of bikes riding together, sometimes in excess of 20 at a time. 
I do hope you can attend this important meeting and have your say. 
If you can come please accept the invitation on this page and fill in your details below.  We need to stamp out this problem before someone gets hurt or killed.

December 08, 2017 at 6:30pm
Friar Park Millenium Centre, Friar Park Rd, Wednesbury WS10 0JS

Will you come?