Help me campaign against cuts to our police

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I know from speaking to residents around here that people are increasingly worried about anti-social behaviour and violent crime.

Sadly this is not surprising as thanks to this Conservative Government, the number of police officers has fallen by 21,000 since 2010 the lowest number on record.  It’s no wonder recent crime figures published showed that crime has gone up right across the country.

It angers me that nowhere has been hit harder than the West Midlands, where budgets have been cut five times harder than Surrey. Why should Surrey get more than Sandwell? It’s not fair and it’s not right. 

In real terms funding for West Midlands Police has been cut by £165 million since 2010.  We’ve lost over 2,000 police officers in our region as a result.

I’ve been raising my concerns for the last five years alongside your local councillors and the Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, who is working hard to protect people here with limited resources allocated by the Tory government. 

It’s got so bad that I now need to ask for your help. I want to hear your views and ask you to sign my petition against the police cuts.

It is not fair that cuts in this area are so much higher that other more affluent areas and I’ve written to the Chancellor to call for fair funding for West Midlands police.

Please sign my petition.

I’ll keep fighting against these cuts, to protect our police and fight crime.

Will you sign?