A matter close to my now-far-healthier heart

Today is National Refill Day, a day when we’re all encouraged to ditch the pre-bottled drinks and refill our water bottles. This is a campaign that seeks to simultaneously prevent the polluting of our planet and the polluting of our health, a matter which is close to my now-far-healthier heart.

As you may know, I have undergone a health transformation, and I’m now more careful than ever before about what I eat and drink. I’ve read a lot and learned a lot about the food we use to fuel our bodies, and I’ve been particularly alarmed by how many sugary fizzy drinks we consume as a nation.

Consuming too much sugar can cause a number of serious health problems, most notably obesity and Type 2 diabetes. One third of kids are obese by the time they leave primary school, and there are now around 4.2 million people in the country living with Type 2 diabetes, more than twice as many as there were twenty years ago.

These numbers are frightening, but small steps can make a big difference, and replacing drinking fizzy drinks with refilling reusable water bottles is a fantastic place to start.

And it’s not just good for our health, it’s better for the environment too.

Over the last 15 years, the purchasing of bottled water has doubled in the UK, around 13 billion plastic bottles are used and thrown away each year, and more than half of these are water bottles. By reusing water bottles, we can all help to reduce the amount of water bottles we throw away and prevent the severe impact they have on our environment. It might even help save us some money! Only half of all the water bottles used are recycled and some 15 million are littered, put into landfill or incinerated every day, damaging the environment we live in.

By taking part in National Refill Day and remembering the cause all year round, we can make a difference. By drinking water from refill stations we can reduce the harm we do to our bodies and our planet.