Labour's Outdoor Activity Strategy

Over the coming months, I’ll be working with organisations and policy makers to create Labour's Outdoor Activity Strategy. 

Two years ago, I was 22 stone and had Type 2 diabetes. I was part of a wider trend in society of people spending less time doing activities outdoors. Since then, I've lost 100lbs, reversed Type 2, and now I want to see how a Labour Government could help create a future where a healthy lifestyle is the norm. 

We've heard a lot recently about the how much time children and young people spend looking at screens. We should also consider how little time children are spending outdoors. Children today spend far less time outside compared to previous generations, and over a third of ten year olds are obese or overweight. The Outdoor Activity Strategy will set out how a Labour Government can help to change these trends for people of all ages.

Our policy work will look at the following areas: 

Helping to make outdoor activities accessible to everyone

Encouraging children and young people to take part

Integrating outdoor activities into our health and wellbeing frameworks

Spending time outdoors helps us be more active and more engaged with the natural world around us. 

I would be delighted if you would contribute to the policy making process by making a suggestion on this page.



What do you suggest government could do to promote outdoor activity?