Give Labour members a say on Brexit

The Tory leadership race is underway with a hardline Brexiteer likely to win. It is now a serious concern that the next Tory Prime Minister runs down the clock until 31 October and crashes out of the EU with no deal. We cannot let that happen. 

Labour is rightly calling for a general election. But we cannot go into an election with our current Brexit position. We need a change of direction urgently.

The next policy-making moment for Labour is annual conference at the end of September. But many members are telling me that’s too late. The U.K. will be a month away from crashing out of the EU with no deal and there will be no time left to hold a public vote.

Those members are right. We need a process to give members a say sooner. A special conference or all-member ballot have been raised. Both are good options. I want to know what you think.

How do you think Labour should agree a new Brexit policy?