Labour Party Consultation on Loot Boxes

Calling Video Game Players!







Gambling regulators across the world are expressing concern over the blurring of lines between video games and gambling. 

Many are calling for greater controls on skin trading, loot boxes and the use of gambling-themed content within video games.

In Britain, this year will see a range of inquiries set up by government and various organisations on the lines between video games and gambling. 

I want video game players to be part of this debate. We need to listen to your views in the same way as expert opinions. 

It is a complex topic, and I want to know what the community thinks. That is why I'm inviting you to give me your views on gambling and your lives with games, and your perception of loot boxes and skins. 

Help me by completing the following 7 questions in our survey

And if you would rather email in your views, you can download the questions here or email your responses to:  The Consultation will run until 12th July 2019. 

Thank you.