Changing to Win: An Update from Me

During last year’s Deputy Leadership election, I said that if we organise, mobilise and harness the potential of every single party member, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. 

I also said that it’s not just what you say that matters - it’s what you do, too. During my update at Annual Conference today, I talked about some of the things we have achieved over the past twelve months.

We’ve unveiled new technology and tools. We have introduced a range of training opportunities to help our members transform the way they interact with our party and campaign their local communities. And a package of reforms which will make our processes more transparent, increase diversity, and support Labour women at all levels of our party.

Labour's Digital Revolution

When I stood to be Labour’s deputy leader, I promised to lead a digital revolution in our party. Since then, our digital team have been hard at work. They started earlier this year, but not with code.

They started by asking questions: Why did you join Labour? What do you need? What do you expect from us? They found a lot that worked. But they also found a lot we could fix. Especially for new members, who told us they sometimes find it difficult to know how to get involved.

Introducing: My Labour

The new My Labour platform we launched today is a new gateway into the Labour party, designed to help every member play a full and active role. You can use it to find the contact details for your local party, learn about campaigning and training events, and have your say in how Labour party policy is developed. 

The new Doorstep App we're launching will allow Labour Party activists to spend less time entering data, and more time having meaningful conversations with voters on the doorstep. Not to mention less time drying soggy paper after yet another rainy canvassing session. 

This is just the beginning 

The new tools and services we’re launching this week are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve done lots more behind the scenes, so we can build things more quickly and easily in the future. These new services will be tweaked, improved and worked on, depending on what members tell us they need. 

Community Organising 

As well as promising a digital revolution. I also said I’d give members the tools and training they need to start re-connecting with their local communities, by prioritising Community Organising. 

Over the past few months I’ve been out meeting members around the country, to find out what works. Back in July, we held our first-ever Community Organising Summer School and Youth Activist Academy. I’m pleased to say this training is now being rolled-out across the party, with online and regional training events to help members campaign in their community and take advantage of digital technology. 

Changing to Win

This work matters. We're not making these changes because we want to be more modern, or because we'd like to think we understand social media. They are reasons, but they are not good enough reasons. 

We're making them because we need to win. And these changes will help us do that. Organising in our communities. Building and mobilising our local government base; spreading our message beyond Parliament in order to win power in Parliament.

This is a first step, but it's a vital one. And we’ll keep changing as we go. If you'd like me to keep you up-to-date with these changes, let me know by signing-up here.