The First Twelve Months in the Job

When I stood to be Labour’s Deputy Leader, I promised to rebuild our party from the grassroots up. I said I'd reconnect with the hundreds of thousands of members who make the Labour party what it is, and give them the tools and training they needed.

I wanted to reconnect with communities and voters all around the country - both by listening to them, and by giving our members the tools and training they need to engage with them. 

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Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt have questions to answer on plans for a seven-day NHS

I have today written to Theresa May to demand an inquiry into her Government's proposals for a seven day NHS following the publication of documents that show Jeremy Hunt was warned repeatedly by his own civil servants about the viability of the plan. 


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Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: It's Time to Turn Commitment into Action

The Labour Party must do everything within its power to help stamp out the horror of child abuse. Which is why this week, I have asked our shadow cabinet members to work with our leader's office to co-ordinate an urgent response to the Government’s consultation on Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect.

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We Can Stay Safe Without Creating a Surveillance State

The new Prime Minister spent six years as Home Secretary but Theresa May’s legacy at the Home Office is not one to be proud of. She cut front line police services relentlessly and her record on civil liberties was appalling.

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Thank You

I am writing this in the final minutes before polling stations close at the BBC studios in Elstree. Soon there will be no more last minute leafleting to do, no minds to change or debates to engage in. In a few hours’ time, we will start to get an idea about how the country has voted in what it is arguably the most important referendum in our recent history. 

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BBC Radio 5 Live: Pienaar's Politics Interview (Sunday June 12th)

With less than two weeks to go until the EU Referendum on 23 June, I joined John Pienaar on Radio 5 Live to talk about our campaign to remain in the European Union.

If you missed it, you can listen again here. 


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Risk jobs and livelihoods by leaving the EU? Not on my patch

Today I’ve been back on my home turf in the West Midlands, talking to people about why we believe Britain is better off in the European Union - and what's at stake on 23 June if we take a leap into the unknown and vote to leave. 

Over the past five years, European companies have invested in over 220 different projects in the West Midlands alone, creating or protecting around 16,000 jobs. In total, around 250,000 jobs in this region depend on exports to the EU – that’s around 9 per cent.

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Think your job will be safe if we leave the EU? I wouldn't bank on it

The financial services sector in the UK employs over 1 million people with around two-thirds of those jobs outside London. As a country we make a significant financial contribution to the EU, but we get a lot back for the amount we put in. The reemergence of Leeds as a powerful and productive financial and business centre is a good example of the benefits membership brings.
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Don't Leave Our Rural Communities Behind: Vote Remain on June 23

Yesterday  I visited the new state of the art Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), in Dordon, North Warwickshire. Delivered by the previous Labour Council, with funding from the European Union’s rural development programme (LEADER), it is a perfect example of the positive social and economic impact that Europe is having on our rural communities here in the UK. 

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Don't Let Boris Sacrifice Your Job So He Can Get A Better One

Just over three decades ago Harold Wilson campaigned for a ‘yes’ vote in the 1975 European referendum.

He passionately believed it was in the national interest for the UK to stay in the European Common market, as it was then called. But not all of his Labour colleagues agreed. Some of the most senior members of Wilson’s Cabinet campaigned for Britain to pull out.

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