Don't Leave Our Rural Communities Behind: Vote Remain on June 23

Yesterday  I visited the new state of the art Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), in Dordon, North Warwickshire. Delivered by the previous Labour Council, with funding from the European Union’s rural development programme (LEADER), it is a perfect example of the positive social and economic impact that Europe is having on our rural communities here in the UK. 

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Don't Let Boris Sacrifice Your Job So He Can Get A Better One

Just over three decades ago Harold Wilson campaigned for a ‘yes’ vote in the 1975 European referendum.

He passionately believed it was in the national interest for the UK to stay in the European Common market, as it was then called. But not all of his Labour colleagues agreed. Some of the most senior members of Wilson’s Cabinet campaigned for Britain to pull out.

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No time to rest

Today Tom launches Labour's campaign to ensure every party member is able to play their part in the most important vote in a generation. 


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Why Britain is Stronger in Europe

In just a few weeks’ time, this nation will face one of the biggest decisions of the post-war period. It is a decision that will shape our shared destiny.

No corner of the UK, from the coasts of Cornwall to the Isle of Skye will be unaffected.

No family will be untouched by the decision.

Every citizen – whether they vote or not – will feel the impact.

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Why the UK should vote to Remain in the EU on June 23rd

Tom passionately believes the interests of the UK are best served by voting to remain in the European Union on June 23. Europe has protected, enhanced and extended the rights of working people in the UK for decades. 

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The real reasons the ‘Leave’ camp want to get out of Europe

Click here to read about the real reasons' 'Leave' campaign want to leave Europe.

Speech at the launch of The Leave Campaign’s Hidden Agenda document

Good morning.

It’s wonderful to be in Coventry. Thank you to Coventry Transport Museum for hosting us today. This city has a rich cultural and industrial heritage. And it is resilient. Coventry survived brutal recessions – including the last one – because of the endurance, skill, resourcefulness and ingenuity demonstrated by the working people of this city.

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