Acting Up: Have Your Say

We’re especially interested in responses to the questions in this survey - but please don’t feel you have to answer all of these questions, and if there are other points you wish to make which don’t fall under these headings then please make them.

If you would rather email your submissions, you can download the questions here and email your responses to to: before the end of March 2017. 

Where do the problems of working class representation in the arts begin?

- Are there enough working class role models on screen and stage?

- Do schools have a more important role to play in tackling the problem early on?

- Do schools encourage students to get involved in drama and take drama GCSEs and A Levels?

- Do drama schools and other arts-related degree programmes assist in breaking down or compounding the problem of working class representation in the arts?

- Once they are trained what are the barriers to working class actors, technicians, producers and others launching a successful career in the arts – are there positions available for them?

- Is the insecurity of the job market a point at which people abandon careers in film and TV?

- Is the prevalence of low paid or unpaid work, particularly in the early stages of a career, an important barrier to people from working class backgrounds sticking in the industry?

- Are the problems similar or different across the country?

- Are theatres, TV, film and radio production companies, broadcasters, casting directors and commissioning bodies doing enough to ensure that working class people have opportunities to gain experience and compete for the jobs and roles they offer?