My speech to the Labour Party Vaisakhi Reception



It was an honour to join Sikhs for Labour at their annual Vaisakhi Reception last night. I spoke about the need for more Sikh representation in our party and of the message that Vaisakhi sends.


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15 More Tory Promises Theresa May Might Drop

Theresa May promised over and over again that there would be no General Election before 2020. So we know that she doesn’t feel she needs to keep her word – even though keeping her word was supposed to be part of her personal brand. She's doing what she’s always said you shouldn’t do: treating politics as a game.

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Tom Watson: Speech to Changeboard Future Challenge Conference

As you all know, I’m a Labour politician and deputy leader of my party. But I’m not here today because I’m politician. Or not only for that reason. 

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15 Tories who were against increasing National Insurance before they were for it

Here's what they used to say: 

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Tom Watson: Speech to Creative and Cultural Skills Conference 2017

I said when I took on DCMS that I didn’t want there to be a class ceiling in the arts. I talked about supporting British talent regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or social background.

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Tom Watson: Speech to Scottish Labour Party Conference 2017

Hello everyone, thank you for having me. I’m so pleased to be here in Perth. But I am going to start my speech today by saying something controversial. 

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Start A Conversation: Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

This afternoon I was honoured to attend the launch of the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission.

In her first year as an MP, Jo saw first hand how loneliness was a problem that affected people of all ages and in all situations. Undeterred by the scale of the issue, she was determined to do something practical to help. It was a typical piece of resolve from Jo, and further proof of the loss we all suffered last year when she was murdered.

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Working it Out: The World of Work Transformed

Speech by Tom Watson MP to the Cooperative Party Economy Conference (January 28th, 2017)

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Weekly Update 3

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The Great Lotto Robbery: 10 Questions We Need Answered

The news that the Gambling Commission has fined Camelot £3 million for serious breaches of its operating licence is deeply shocking. Camelot paid out £2.5 million for what it now believes was a fraudulent claim - I've called it "the great lotto robbery". Thousands of organisations rely on money from the National Lottery and the millions of people who play it have the right to expect that the rules of the game are fair.

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