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Tom was born in Sheffield in 1967 and brought up in Kidderminster in the West Midlands during the seventies and eighties.

He has been working hard for the Labour Party from a young age - one of his earliest memories is being stationed outside a polling station at the age of seven collecting poll numbers during the 1974 General Election.

He’s played an active part in every election since then and he's worked for the Labour Party under Neil Kinnock, John Smith and Tony Blair.

Tom has been a member of the Labour Party for thirty-four years. Before attending the University of Hull, he worked in advertising and for Save the Children. Prior to this he worked as a trainee library assistant at the old Labour Party library in Walworth Road.

While at Hull he campaigned for reform of Labour’s youth section and moved the resolution to create Young Labour at the Labour Party Conference in 1992. He was elected National Chair of Labour Students in the same year and supported John Smith in the campaign for One Member One Vote to select parliamentary candidates.

He worked at Labour headquarters in the General Election in 1997 and was a trade union political officer before being elected MP for West Bromwich East in 2001.

He was Minister for Veterans under Tony Blair, helping to secure pardons for British soldiers who were shot for cowardice in World War One and served as a Cabinet Office Minister under Gordon Brown.

He was an early advocate of digital technology in Government. He established the Power of Information Taskforce that implemented far-reaching changes to government digital services.

Tom was Deputy Chair of the Labour Party and the Party’s Campaign Co-ordinator from 2011-2013.

Tom is a conviction politician. He believes Labour can’t meaningfully stand for social justice unless it actively fights against injustice.

He’s been involved in some real battles. He took on Rupert Murdoch, highlighted phone-hacking at the News of the World, supported the campaign to Save the Human Rights Act, and led the fight against Tory plans to scrap the Freedom of Information Act.

Tom is a music fan, occasional DJ and an enthusiastic gamer who reviews video games for the New Statesman. He is a patron of SpecialEffect, a charity that enables people with disabilities to play video games.

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